October favourites 2014

October is now over and we entrée the winter, and it's time to bring some fall in with our monthly favourites, what are yours?

Apple tea

We got apple tea in about the middle of this month and I am already over half way to empty. It even replaces my Latte Macchiato! I am a huge tea drinker when I have the sorts I really love.
I got it at Kremmerhuset for 99 NOK, or 15,6 Dollars.

Grimas facepaint 

I have been doing 6 faces for halloween, one look for Malvikbladet and several other looks on myself and friends. I love the Grimas face paints, they don't itch, they cover well, they're not as patchy as most waterbased paints and they don't dry out the skin too much.
I bought two 12 colour palettes in Oslo (The 24 colours was out) and I already have the 6 palette from them with the basic colours, so I filled up my makeupcase and always bring with me the case of the 6 palette, because it's the only palette of the three that fits.

Kryolan Makeup Case

I have used this for the times I needed to transport my theatre makeup and special effects. I am also using this for storage. It's nice, sleek and have a attachable string that makes it easy to carry around!
I bought this at Charles Fox for 37 pounds, this is the medium sized one.
My only downside is that the space in the lowest part shoud've been clear so I could fit in my bigger bottles of latex and made a little more space for my fake thick blood..

How I met your mother

I have always seen this show after school, and I am finding it fun. But I never had a structure and just watched an episode here and there. Over the years, most of season 1-6 was covered, but this October I decided to watch season 7 and 8 on Netflix and I finished the series so far.
I am sad netflix is missing season 9, but I watched it another place. 

The lavender garden

I read "The lavender Garden" this October and I loved it to pieces! I wrote a review of the book here.
I got it from my dad at our cabin at west-norway, near Førde/Florø, I think it was about 20 Dollars. But you can get it at Amazon here  

Hungergames necklace

 This necklace looks so good with my green pattern dress, plus I am a massive hungergames fan. So this is something I've wanted since I read the books, but never have found before.
I bought it in Camden town at a stand in the market.

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