Grimas waterbased face paints review

Facepaints is essential in a theatre makeup kit and I wanted to review one of the brands that I use myself. And because of my picture for tomorrows theatrical thursday it fits with a review of some facepaint. I have used both good and bad face paints, this is definitely one of the better ones.


I have lots of small pots, this is because I bought the A&B 12 colour palettes. To fit them into my makeup case I removed the pots from the palette and added them in my case. One of the good things about the brand is that you don't ruin the palettes and I always carry the empty 6 colour palette in my case so I can use the colours I am using on the palette and keep them organized.
The packaging is in hard plastic and pretty sturdy, you can also customize it by taking the can out of the pot and minimize them even more, but then you don't have a lid.
You can also buy bigger pots, which I am planning to do with basics like black and white right after christmas.

Texture, blending and colour

The colour range of Grimas is very good and they have all sorts of colours. The colour generally of the pots are quite opaque and vibrant. It covers well, it can sometime be a bit patchy, but it's an easy fix. The texture is nice and creamy once you added water and the blend-ability is normal to high.
The only downside to generally the face paints is that the staying power isn't to great and it can smudge easier then the brands I've used. But I usually cover it well with translucent powder and it stays put then.


The price range is about the same as other professional makeup water paints, I payed 44 dollars per palette in Norway. And I found it at Amazon for 22 dollars, plus 4.99 shipping.

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