Doing math purposely

The struggles of not being insane rich and having to do budgeting, planning and the more fun part, wishlists! The reason I sat down writing my wishlist for christmas is quite simple, I got asked to do it and I finished it quite quickly.
Now the one on the picture is one the one for my mum and I got quite a quirky system for the wishlists. Because I usually end up getting at least twice of one thing, I set up this.
I have one category for mum, one for dad (They are divorced), one for my grandparents, one for my Uncle StÃ¥le (I am close with one of my uncles, meaning wishing for things and not gift cards are easier) and one for the rest of everybody else. Not particularly  long lists, and with the exception of my mum and dad quite similar lists. But I only put a book or something I don't stack up on (Like facial scrub that has a quite short expiration date) in one list. Simply because if I don't get the book, I will wait and save up to it and not risking getting two of the same :-)

And if you are curious about the other list, I am also budgeting and finding out what I want of makeup. And I don't wish for this because none of my relatives buys things online, meaning there is no point for me to add anything. So what I am doing is planning things I want, not to buy immediately, but as a project. It makes me avoid spending money on things I don't really need, and saving up to the things I have use for and want.
I am also budgeting December and January tonight, and my internet is "fixed" and it doesn't work inside my room so I have to sit in the most uncomfortable chair writing this, and then running into my room and reading since it's nothing else to do. Just to point it out, this is already written twice, because I wrote it, the internet crashed in the livingroom as well and every single bit was lost. And every time our internet is "fixed" it ends up getting worse and I've already used up my 3G mobile data because our wifi is out.

Well, I am off budgeting and reading, goodnight!

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