Vomit train

I've finally arrived in London, and I'm sitting on a bathroom blogging because the only out take that can handle our chargers are in here.
So the internet is super slow and the battery keeps running out, so I'm not sure how much I'm able to blog sat-monday night, but I will have some kind of post up everyday, just not with a lot of pictures and stuff.
The first thing we did was of course train to our hotel, and what meets me literally at the train, vomit all over the place. And my tender self got so disgusted..

Airplane selfie ! 

But we are in the hotel now, it's a adorable hotel. My dad and I rents the smallest room here, because we don't need more space then a bathroom, beds and enough to use our suitcases.
Since I'll probably spend most of my time in the bathroom when home taking in consideration that this is the only place I can use my computer to write blog posts and transfer pictures and we have a bathtub (Lush here I come!) it ended up being the most important place for me..haha..

Anyways, my battery runs out now so I'll catchup later! 

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