Theatrical Thursday

Hello lovelies, I am so sorry I didn't blog yesterday.
I was in a hurry between school, looking for internship (1 day out in saloon a week) and my actual work.  But I came up with a great idea!

At Thursdays I have somewhere around 2 hours after school before I'm working. As this is a very small amount of time, and it makes blogging on Thursdays quite stressing.
And I was thinking about not blogging this one day a week. But then I came up with some better, theatrical Thursday!

The idea are that Thursdays are dedicated to theatre/sfx makeup. Maybe it will be product reviews, but mainly makeup looks. This is perfect because I can just pre-write them at Wednesdays and publish them at Thursdays. It also helps me to get around practising more makeup, which is also a big bonus.

Now in September and October it will be more of these type related makeup posts of course because of Halloween. But after Halloween are over, it will typically be reserved Thursdays.

And if I get some extra time between eating and home works I can pre-write blog posts :)

This was all for today, first week of school has been very stressful and exhausting to me ...


  1. I love your blog so much ♥_♥

    1. Aww, I'm really flattered, thank you ♥ You are too sweet ♥