The autumn tag

Autumn is nearly and it's time for lightening candles, drinking hot beverages and to snuggle up beneath the carpet. In my autumn spirit I decided to do the autumn tag!

1. Your favourite hot beverage from coffee bars/cafè

I am kind of a basic bitch on this question. Coffee latte, iced in summer and hot in autumn.
If it was just home drink, then I think it would be a hard choice between my warm Turkish apple tea and my coffee machine!
Tiril before she cut her hair drinking the home made Coffee latte! She looks so adorable here!

2. Accessories - what do you opt for scarf, boots, gloves?

I love scarves, but I am terrible at loosing them. So I never buy an expansive one because have to take them off wherever I go and sometimes people mistake and take other scarves or you just forget. 
And I will of course be wearing my brown leather shoes for fall!
I'm not the biggest at gloves, but when winter arrives and it's too cold to keep them bare I'll be sure to wear a pair of preppy black gloves. 

3. Music - what will you be listening to during autumn?

I'm hooked on Five seconds of summer - Amnesia, Iggy Azaela - Black Widow, Megan Trainor - All about that bass, the Christina Aguilera Burlesque movie soundtrack and IM5 touchdown dance!

4. Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time a year?

I'll tell you a little secret, I adore deep scents. But my mother is quite sensitive to smell, so I'm not allowed to wear a ton of perfumes. Leading me to only wearing my all time from moschino, but I have compromised to Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto, which is a deep jasmin smell combined with wood, vanilla and tonka beans. 

5. Candles - what will you be burning this season?

We have a stripped marked for candles in Norway and I'm not sure where to get high quality exiting candles. So if I'm ever going to USA, I'll be ripping bath and bodyworks! 
From France earlier this year I did buy two fancy small ones though, and it's the mainstays in "Fresh baked cookie" and "Cinnamon".

6. What do you love most about autumn?

I love the colour palette, the clothes, the beverages, the tv shows, Halloween, I basically love everything but the temperature in Norway. If it stays on a 10-4 Celsius this year I will be very happy though! 

7. Favourite makeup look?

I especially love a bold lip colour with a settled eye makeup and angled eyebrows. And added to that a deeper contouring and a dark berry blush. 

8. What are you looking most forward to in Autumn? 

In autumn break I am going to Oslo to visit Tiril, so I am very much looking forward to that!

I found the tag at makeupsavvy.co.uk , feel free to take this tag on your own! :)

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