My recipe for sheppard's pie + email information

Today I'm chef for my uncle and cousin, and I'm making my home-made Sheppard pie!
Because I'm exploring more ways to make my blog more interesting, I decided to share my recipe..


Cheddar (Optional: Add mozzarella to the cheddar to make it extra cheesy)
100 g real butter
6-8 potatoes
If needed 2 tablespoons milk or cream
1 pack of minced meat
Tomato sauce/purée
1/2 or 1 onion 
4-5 Mushrooms (I use champion) 


I prefer to start with making potato mash. Cut the potatoes in little squares, boil them up in a casserole. After the potatoes are soft, take the water out of the casserole, but keep the squares. 
Mash them, and add butter until you are happy with the taste. If it's very thick, add milk until it is smooth enough. 
After the mash is made, set aside with a plate over your bowl of mash.
Boil the pasta with some salt and water, start the next step whilst this boils. 
Next start with oilying your pan and fry the onions, mushrooms and miced meat. After it is neatly cooked, add the boiled pasta and tomato sauce.
Cook this together for 3-5 minutes,  and add this as a layer to a big pan.
Next add the mashed potatoes and spread cheese over it.
Bake it in the oven at 220 Celcius for 10-20 minutes, until the cheese has gratinated and are golden.
And voila! My very own recipe at sheppard pie, yum :)


Now about my email information. I had troubles with my email and after a while I forgot about it..
But I've fixed it now and I am checking it once a day.
So if you have any requests, comments or concerns feel free to contact me, this is also email to contact about advertise, campaigns, sponsorships and so on.
But I will not stand by any products I don't believe in, and if you contact me and want to write a post it must be clear that it is advertise and not me writing it.
For other bloggers:
- You can contact me on my email instead of comment field so you're sure I'll see it.
- I'm open for link exchange, guest writers, collaborations and so on :)
- If you mention me in a post or something, I'll love to know, check out your blog and comment, and if I find something I like (Which I always do!) I'll write about you as well!

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