Five tips for an easier day |beauty|skincare|food

1. Bring a mobile coffee mug.

The thing about not bringing a water bottle and to bring something that can keep heat. You can add water in the coffee mug, but the water bottle will melt if you add coffee.
And you have the freedom of drinking coffee or tea in the morning, lunchtime or any time, but still stay hydrated during the day.

2. If you like having defined eyes, bring a deep black eye liner around. 

After about 12 hours, right eye freshed up, left eye as it was this morning

This is because you can darken up your eye liner throughout the day, but if your mascara runs out in your tips, you can darken them as well. And if you carry one in your purse, you can save a rushed morning. Like if you have a working spot that requires makeup.

3. Bring a red, coral or pink lipstick around your purse if you love lip colour and flushed cheeks.

This is also a saviour if you are being surprised or late planned with going out, it can make a tired work face pop.
For the most natural look, bring a red. This simulated blood flow.

4. Have a hand lotion laying around your purse!

I have become extra good after starting at hairdressing school at this, it really dries out my hands having them in water all day.
Make sure to keep the hands hydrated to avoid sensitive skin.

5. Make sure to keep healthy snack stocked up in your purse or locker.

You never know when you run late and forget lunch or breakfast, that's not exactly something I plan.. And to avoid the very delicious muffin and cakes in the cafeteria that's not good for you. Not to mention the money sucking place you're getting it from.
This keeps your stomach full and happy! And your wallet too.