Removing semi-permanent haircolour

These are my personal tips on removing semi-permanent hair colour.
Crazy colours can be especially tricky, blue is said to be easier to remove but fades slowly. Now red is said to fade like crazy, but it's nearly impossible to get everything out natural.
I myself have only had cold colours, meaning my warmest colour a warm lilac/burgundy colour and the coldest is dark blue.
But I have removed my haircolour several times and I found these the most effective.
I got a scale, 3 is very damaging to the hair, 2 is medium, 1 is a little bit damage and 0 is nothing.

1. Let it fade out and taking care of your hair.
Pros: No more damage to the hair (0)
Cons: Can make you feel your hair looks like a mess.
 2. Using anti-dandruff/psoriasis shampoos.
I have found this method to be extrarordinary good. It doesn't remove every bit and piece if you are going from very dark to light blonde. But it does the job and for a shampoo it is effective.
If used as normal the damage is about (1). But with a good conditioner and hairmask it will be back to normal.
Not very expensive (Same price as other shampoos).
Unless shampooing a lot more, which will damage the hair. It is similar to the natural method, only quicker.
Can damage the hair if not properly taken care of.

http://kinkx.blogspot.no/2014/08/getting-semi-permanent-haircolour-and.htmlMore about semi-permanent? Read "How to get and maintain crazy coloured hair"

 3. Bleach
Bleaching faded colour gets the colour out. But make sure to have a violet shampoo because the bleach can make the hair yellow.
After bleach, take very good care of your hair.
For least damage, let the colour fade as much as you can.
Effective and as this is semi and not permanent, you likely do not need the help of a saloon as somebody with a little bit knowledge about hair can help you just as good.
The most expensive
Damaging (3)

Now this is far from every method, and believe me I've tried a lot, but these ones worked very well for me.
EXTRA: Changing semi-permanent hair colour! 

Christmas 2013 I wanted to have green bangs. After two weeks of test and trial I tried something. I used the green dye to neutralize the red and as I wanted the bangs to be green, I did this two times or something.
But after the first treatment my hair colour was blonde and I could have used any colour.
The reason I did not include this in the list is because you got to be extreme careful and have a lot of knowledge about what is the opposite of what and so on. And if you use green on red/pink, you might end up with green hair..

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