Let's talk eyebrows, products 101

Natural brow

To show you the results, here are a picture of my natural brow. 


A browpencil next to colouring of the brows gives the best effect in colour. And are best for shaping brows.
The browpencil is the most essential for most women who do their brows. This is because you can easily change the shape, width and length of the brow without the commitment of tweezers.
You can make your brows fuller and straighter for a sweeter more innocent look, or sharper and angled for a more mature look.

You can see on my left side I made the brow straighter and on the other more angled. My brows are naturally pretty much the same shape and this is how easy you can manipulate the shape of the brow. 

Sorry for the wet hair on these pictures, I had a shower before doing this...


This is for the ladies with natural full brows. You can buy with colour which will at some level make them more visible. Or just plain, to set them.
In here I mixed my gel with eyeshadow, which gives the same effect.


This will create very natural brows and are best for nice shaped brows which only need filling here and there.
You can use both eyshadow and browpowder for this, it is basically the same thing.

Here I have filled in the right eyebrow.

Colouring brows

This is more commitment, but not forever. In about 20-40 days you have to dye them again. Fits perfect for people with very light or dark eyebrows. For dark eyebrows, eyebrow bleach is used.
There will for some people still be sparse areas like my own, so I like to mix with a browpencil. And as you also can see on the picture, my eyebrows are to far away so if I wasn't going to show the result I would fill that in.


  1. Great post. I sometimes use my naked palette to fill in aswell. Got dipbrow pomade the other day,and have been loving that like crazy though! Really recommend you to take a look at it, if you already havent :D

    1. Thank you :) And I will definitely check it out :)