Eye contouring and highlighting

1. Making the eyes pop out/look less sunken inn
After doing any eye makeup, place some highlight in the middle, this will instantly make it appear like they are further out and more outstanding.

2. Brightening eyes
Use a light shimmer shadow on the entire lid and define your crease with a darker shadow. This will make them look more intense depending on the darkness of the contouring and awake.

3. Eyeshapes:

This is to balance out the eye shapes. You don't need to follow these strictly if you don't want to :)

1: Drooping eyes. 
Keep the darkness in the outer corner of the eyes. This will balance your eye shape. You can create a sharp edge for a more dramatic and elegant look. Or round to sweeten them up.
Add a highlight in the inner corner and optional the middle.
Eye liner heaviest at the outer edge. And be careful with lining beneath the lash line.
For false lashes, go for flirty lashes with again the heaviest in the end.

2: Upsided eyes
Eyes that is turned a lot up, do the opposite of the drooping eyes. Keeping the shadow under the lid prominent. Add a little bit of shadow in the inner corner.
Avoid using to much shadow and keep the shape of the eye shadow round.
Now for eye liner, add a small amount more at the 2/3 of the lash line and avoid a lot of product at the outer corner.

3: Wide set eyes
Add more darkness in the outer edges against the brow bone and sweep it against the inner corner. Add highlight in the middle.
Add a thicker line of eye liner against the inner edge as this creates the illusion of closer set eyes.


4: Close set eyes
The opposite of wide set.
Add highlight in the inner corner of the eye and the middle and create whatever end you want on your shadow, but a cat eye will stretch out even more. Make sure to add a cat-eye liner, as this will create the illusion of dragging the eyes further apart.


5: Hooded eyes
Keeping the eye makeup simple, matte and avoiding using any dark colours. You can add a simple winged eyeliner

6: Monolids
Keeping the darkness at your global line. Add whatever eye liner you want to and for eye shadow shape can both round and v shaped look good.


7: Asian eyes and almond eyes
Can use pretty much every technique.


8: Round eyes
Easy, just use cat eye liner and V-shaped crease shadow and other then that you can use every technique. And add a medium to dark shadow all over the lid.


4. Making eyes look bigger

Use a light eye liner at the waterline and add a shadow beneath the lash line. Remember that shadow will enhance the light.

5. Making eyes look smaller
Add darker shadow on the lid, and dark eye liner on both waterlines.

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