Beginners guide makeup brushes

Just starting out with makeup? Or are you just looking for the basic brushes for your makeup?
Anyways, if you are just getting started with brushes, or you are not really in to makeup and just want something simple, here are the brushes I find essential for a good end result.

The little sponges you get with an eye shadow palette doesn't blend well or apply particularly easy. They're not useless, but I tend to use them for coal drawing...
To get a good and quick appliance, these are the basic ones.

Taking care of your makeup brushes

If you only want a light cover of the eye shadow, a blending brush is all you need. Use the side for appliance and the tip for blending. Make sure not to use this under your eyes because it might blend it to far.
But for a more intense or vibrant appliance, use a c shaped brush. Or something with tight bristles.

If both:
This baby are my favourite brush for application, and it's dual ended so you only need one brush.
This is urban decay Vice 2 brush, but the naked basics double ended brush does the same job.


Budget: ELF professional eyeshadow brush

Luxury: For a longer lasting and high quality brush, I recommend using MAC 215.



The vice 2/naked brush again.

The very popular 217 from MAC.

For a nice even application, a firm blush/contour brush will actually make the foundation look air-brushed.
You can apply concealer with your clean fingers and for the most basic makeup, highlight and contour brushes are not necessary. You can apply blush at last and then disinfect your brush and it will be ready for use the next day.
Powder applied after foundation, and before blush.

Eco tools blush brush

Bare minerals full flawless face

Brows, lips and eye liner: If you want to save on brushes, use brush free alternatives. Like brow pencil, going straight from bottle with lipstick and pencil eyeliner.

See my review on Urban decay 24/liner perversion  

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