August favourites and cooking

Yesterday I wrote a review of my foundation and then Kristin visited me. We ended up baking red velvet cupcakes and since we don't have a kitchen weight, everything must be calculated into dl or l. Which are at times very stressful. And I borrowed the picture she took of the red velvets and reposted it here. Basically because she is studying media and communication, and is a killer at food pictures!

Today I started my regime of waking up earlier and then relaxed until I went to Stjørdal with my dad and we eat steak for dinner, drank coffee, I bought a new pair of jeans I'll show tomorrow, a new dress as well, rinse for my contact lenses and drinking a insanely tasteful vanilla milkshake.
Now I was de-terminated that I would work out today, so after all that I actually had an intense work out and after that I jogged a quick walk.
And I am sorry the light and quality of the pictures suck.. It's too dark to get any decent pictures for a newbie ^^

I have written a review of this and it has been my go to palette this summer after I bought it. I haven't really been using too much makeup this month as it had a rough start for me. So in the start I didn't bother with makeup and in the end we have had something called "streik". Teachers are discussing their pay-checks and working hours with the government and they disagree, to get it out there some of the teachers don't have class and it includes mine. So I'm basically a lot at home and don't feel the need for a lot of makeup.

But when I actually went outside and I felt like doing my makeup, I used this baby for my eyeshadow. Useful for everyday makeup.
Review with swatches link

My new concealer that hides my dark circles perfectly and it is next to mascara the product I've used most this month!

My pink lip gloss brightens any day, a real favourite now as the weather is colder, but not autumn yet.

Another lip product. This is my lip saver and I have had crazy chopped lips with the climate change. This has both SPF, taste and smells good and makes my lips feel and look softer.

Talk to you again tomorrow with pictures of my new items, goodnight.