Red circle lenses Vassen Dolly Plus Red from pinkyparadise review

I am doing my "Vassen Dolly plus red" and "Princess mesh" review separate. That is mostly because the mesh ones are complete different and I thought I'd also share how it is to use these kind of lenses. And obviously I haven't wore them too much.

Basic facts about the red lenses taken from pinkyparadise:

Our Price: $22.90
Diameter: 14.5mm/15.0mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

For me, the price is very good! Lenses at the optic shop I'm using takes like 400-600 nok or something for their lenses. And most lenses in costume shops etc. is 25-30 dollars either each or pairs with 3 months disposal, so that's good.
I definitely think it is worth the price and a lot of value for the money.

The size is a bit big, but it is circle lenses. I would love the size to be more of 13 mm or something around there. But if you wish for huge anime eyes the size of these are perfect.

As long as you keep yourself to the limit of 8 hours and you remember to use sunglasses and protect yourself from bright light (Which is smart for daily lens wearers as well to avoid headache) they are very comfortable to use. You can't really see the red rim most of the time and I don't even remember wearing them.
They are very thin lenses which helps very much for the comfort.

The colour:
This is where I am impressed. I have pretty dark blue eyes, and cool colours eliminates warm. Now I can clearly see my blue eyes in the inner part of my eye, especially in bright light obviously. But in a distance you can't see it and people usually don't notice my blue eyes beneath.

But despite all that, the red does cover where it's placed and have slightly or even barely a bit natural eyes peeking through making the vibrant red blend in even more with the eyes.
The pattern look very realistic and when I look in the mirror (Maybe two feet or something away) it looks like my "natural" colour.
I love the black edge which gives the red eyes debt and also helps the realism!

My rating:
I wish the red covered a bit more of my natural eye colour and that's why I give it 7/10.

- I have been writing and testing this all week long and that's why I've been gone. I have my big school project right now, I've been on a photoshoot and I have changed my hair colour, more about that later this week.

So today I'm just baking a carrot cake with roses for my birthday, I'll post a picture quick tomorrow!
- Elise