Easter time

Hello lovelies!
The reason it's not really a long blogpost it's because I am currently writing on my pinkyparadise review and also the review of the lenses I got and editing my weekly video which should be up tomorrow.

So if you are wondering why there hasn't been a review or something in a while there you have it.
Well, easter for me has been relaxing but also kind of boring. I have been the only one of my friends home, so I've been stuck alone. But at the same time I love spending time with my mum and she and I have been on a small roadtrip and having fun as well.

I am hoping to finish my dragon egg tomorrow, although the mayor priorities will be blogposts and video. I am also going to watch "The luchbox" with my bestfriend, her mother and my mother, so really exited about that.

The video I'm editing is a tutorial inspired by Twilight because although I am not the biggest fan of the script, the filming spaces and the whole outcome of twilight is stunning. I mean the lenses, makeup, forest and in the fourth movie(?) the special effects (Video editing). All in all, Twilight is stunning, the script was not.
I know I'm terribly late for this trend,  but I feel that the makeup never gets old! It's really beautiful and simplicity stands strong.

I'm absolutely awful at taking pictures of myself, especially with
my big camera, so this was honestly the most decent I could
I feel so terribly awkward xD, Well this is a more clear shot of my
zombie makeup.
I am considering a tutorial with a few changes? 

Well, enough rambling from me tonight, I am going to bed, have a good night!


  1. Høres ut som en ganske så grei påske, selv om den var litt kjedelig. Har bare vært hjemme jeg også. :)
    Høres ut som det blir spennende på bloggen din fremover, gleder meg!

    - Yara

    1. Det var en veldig avslappende påske ja, håper du har hatt like mye avslapping som meg :)
      God påske vidre Yara :)