Review of moroccanoil intense hydrating hair mask

I have nearly used my first can of this hair mask and it has lasted me somewhere around 4-6 months. Now before I start, there is some basic things I need to point out, the mask is made for medium to thick dry hair. My hair is curly and with it comes what a lot of curlies know, natural frizzy and often dry hair.
So if you have thin (Most people from Scandinavia have) or hair that gets greasy quite easily, this will not work for you.

Pricing: I'll give a thumbs up on this one, the price is 299 Nok in Noway, somewhere around 50 dollar. But I've found it on lookfantastic.com for 24,75 dollars.  Make sure you use the 10 percent discount code right now "LFNEW" if you are shopping there.
Now, I will review off the Norwegian pricing in store, just for your information.
I have yet not finished my first can of this, but it is right around the corner. Now I have repurchased this hair mask because I love it so much. But it has still lasted me somewhere around 4-6 months, and for the job it does and the time it lasts I don't feel like it is too much money for a hair mask.
But I still feel like there is reasonable pricing, not great or cheap.

Packaging: I like the colours, it smells quite summer-like and the blue and brown with white script continue the summer-feeling. It's a good container, nothing special. Just about every hair mask looks like this and the advantage of the design is that you get absolutely everything out of the can.

But one thing I particularly like with the morroccanoil one is that they have a little extra plastic lid over the product which makes it ideal for travelling and not spilling out anything aka less messy.

Smell: I absolutely  adore the smell of all morroccanoil products! Or, I'm unsure about their conditioners and shampoos as I haven't tried anything, but all of the styling and haircare products smells similar so I guess the shampoo and conditioners smells the same.
 I can't really describe the smell, it smells of sunscreen, bathing, beach and oil. In a good amazing making you almost faint of it kinda way.
I think it is one of those either you hate or you love the smell as it is quite unique, but I haven't meet anyone who doesn't like it yet.

Consistency: I'm not sure if I'm weird for liking thick hair masks, but they seem to moisturise my hair better then thinner ones so I will give this one a plus. Quite thick and creamy consistency.

How did the mask work for me? 
I started testing this after getting it recommended from the saloon I work at, after going trough a massive bleaching. So it might not be fair, but it has been a couple of months of testing and it surprised me even then. The last time I cut my hair was 4 1/2 months after bleaching and cutting off 2 cm and I had to cut of 4 cm this time, somewhere around 1 inch and a quarter, I'm not sure.

Special no makeup picture "Just for you", haha x)

But taking in consideration that most Norwegians hair would burn off with half of the process and I in 4 1/2 month only had to cut off 6 cm, I'm lucky. And I think a lot of what saved my hair was this hair mask.
I have been using this extreme in two months (At least) and slept with it at least once a week, used every time I showered my hair.
And if you use a little tiny pea size of the mask it works great if you have curly frizzy ends to seal them together (Be careful with this, it can easily go from a very hydrating styling product to greasy-ish in your hair).

Summary: All in all, it works very well and I can see a huge difference in my hair. It moisturises and keeps my hair healthy.

I give this 10/10 ! :)

- Love, Elise. Sorry I didn't upload in a couple of days, it took some time to write this and there has been a lot of tests at school :)


  1. Great review! I love trying new hair masks might have to give this one a try!