Make up practising and starbucks!

Hi lovelies! I was really going to post this yesterday, but scar wax put me up.
I am now seeing what so many have complained about and why they rarely use scarwax, OH MY FREAKING GOD IT'S STICKY! It runs everywhere, gets all up in your hair, and just adding the final touch, the whole shit get's messed up.
Luckily this was only practise, and I'll continue the practise later if I have time after writing this and showering.
Oh yes, yesterday! Well, I started off the day waking up really late (By purpose ^_^) and just threw some clothes on and combing my hair.
The day was going to a project or kind of a test, I did make up on a friend from class, with a optional theme and emphasizing her face shape and features. Now I have to finish the presentation with paper work by 2 of April, so I have to get around to it on Monday or something.

This is her during the makeup, I used some regular tape to get the
sharp edges

This is the whole picture of her, pardon the quality, it's a iPhone picture..

The theme was as my last video, arabic. Been feeling
inspired by their sharp edges and beautiful brows

Now later on I dragged my friend down town after waiting with her at school and we eat a nice price cheeseburger from McDonalds (I literately ordered 4, so she could just pay me back, hello heart attack ^-^)  and I got her down to a hairdressing store specificity for African american hair aka curls. I was looking for hair extensions with curls, but the only blonde ones they had where straight, but my decision and stuff on that will be another post.
At last we got ourself into Starbucks, as we had already done that Monday ^-^

This is a picture from Monday, we had coffee
at starbucks and then chocobocho because we
missed our bus .. Silly us miscalculating time..

Because silly me rarely remember to take pictures, here is a picture from a birthday
we attended to a couple of weeks ago :)

Now in school we just finished making our own toilet bags, I was sick on Tuesday, so I have to finish mine later, which reminds me of the paperwork included in this assignment, I guess I know what to do tomorrow after school, gahh :(

Now my theme was of course Alice in wonderland and this is the dyeing process of my bag. The hat is upside down and the swirly things in the back represents the Cheshire Cat three.

Kinda feeling like a mad scientist
whilst dyeing textiles

Now over to the first I was saying, the cross is for practising. It is obviously misplaced, no blood and halfway finished. But I thought I would show you anyway!

In the end I want kind of an demonic creature, the eyes MAYBE will be based of this or the mouth, I am not sure yet. 

AND I have ordered lenses from Pinkyparadise, more of that when they arrive and I'll do a proper review (I use strengt in my lenses and have used lenses in years, so it will be a detailed one) 

I think that is all, I'll go wash out the wax from my hair, bye!

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