Hair-talk extentions and going blonde

Soo, I finally came to a decision to get back to blonde. Back to my natural hair colour. Well, I have to admit that after a while I will probably go back to colourful hair dye. But right now my mission is to go back to my natural, but honestly my hair will look like shit the next month or two to get as much of the manic panic hair
dye out without bleach.
So why this sudden decision?
I've been thinking about having blonde hair for a while, and I always said "When I get long hair!". But as my dry curly hair takes forever, somewhere around 4 years or something to grow out properly I am buying blonde extensions.
Now my plan is to keep it blonde until my extensions need a haircut (An inch or something) and then I will consider to dye my hair again because I don't want to ruin them until I have had joy of them. And if it goes aright I will remember that for next time.

But you have curls? How can you use extensions?

Anyone who knows me have or will probably ask this question, and my answer is simple. I can't find curly extensions from a website I trust or saloon. Therefore I will buy straight. That leaves me with three options:
Permanently straighten my hair with chemicals
Straight my natural hair almost everyday (The straight effect leaves by the night)
Curl the extensions, trying with and hopefully as much as possible without heat.

I think these cute hair tutorials from bubzbeauty

I use this tutorial every night to keep my hair from damage.


And for the days in rush, I can just tie it up in a braid, messy bun or if I'm lucky a ponytail.

I ended up with the last option as I wanted to keep my curls and the curls holds better than the straightness of my hair.

What type of extensions are you choosing?

Personally, I will try the tape method.

But I am a bit too lazy for clips and tape seems like the safest way to start out. 
The brand I am going for is named luxushair and the colour I am using will be lightblonde/caramel.

Borrowed from solveigkg

This is the only brand I have seen in real life and I have heard and seen the quality of. Now I would have to take very much care of them which brings me to my next point!

How to maintain them, tools?

  • Using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, avoiding the tapes and not rubbing. 
  • Don't rub the hair with a towel, squeeze
  •  Cure the hair with a good deep conditioner after washing.
  • Air drying
  • Sleeping with a loose braid
  •  Nature brush when dry
  • Low heat on heat products (Hopefully I will be able to maintain this... :/)
  • Don't bath with chlorine
  • Don't drag in the hair, don't pick on the tape.
  • No hairspray and back-combing of the hair, at least keep it to a minumum
  • Do not sleep with wet hair. 

I hope I answered some questions and I will update as much as possible. If you wondered something, please, do not hesitate to ask. Of course write about how my experience with getting manic panic out, how much it costed, review of the hair and site and so on. 

Have a nice weekend and I'll see you tomorrow! :)

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