Monthly cravings

I am now saving up to build a sfx collection on the start of my career as a sfx artist (Why not work on skills when you're too young to attend the school anyway?). Therefore my budget is quite tight and I always feel really guilty spending money on other things because I think to myself "If you didn't buy this, you would have had this and that much money for the palette and latex..". Except when doing things with friends (As long as it is not too much), I need some time from practising, work and school, I am still young ^_^
And I know it's silly, and a lot of people would call it superficial, but makeup is art for me. It's therapy and it makes me happy, as cliché as it sounds. Every time I'm practising, either for myself or for videos, I loose track of time and everything else in the world disappears.
So therefore, I am now aiming on the first thing, which is the Wolfefx essentials 12 hydro colour palette. And after that it's latex/scar wax and all of the essentials for that like spatula and spirit gum.
I have some wishes outside of this as well, some I wont buy cause of the price and others are on a maybe list :)

The prices are mostly norwegian as this is my personal budgetlist :) The pictures does not belong to me and all right to their respective owners. This picture was made around december (I was obviously not buying anything at that time), so the latex, castor sealer,  spirit gum (And remover) are bought. 

- Kinkx

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