Girls-trip in Oslo!

So, I just came home from Oslo. I went there with my friend Tiril, and we stayed near down town.

This is a picture of her during a
school assignment with the stylist profession.
She was made into Marilyn Monroe
buut she had already finished her photo session
and took of her costume clothes.

So, I have taped a little bit. I'll probably make a vlog. A haul is coming soon and I think about writing "Alternative places to shop in Oslo, seen from a tourist perspective".

The first day!

The trip there took somewhere 9 hours by bus from Trondheim. I travelled with "lavprisekspressen", we took the bus 11 in the morning. The bus drove trough Norway and we got to see a lot of beautiful nature.

I don't really have a lot of pictures for this post on hand, but I will make another post with more pictures :)

The first night we came pretty late, we ended up eating frozen pizza and having a cosy night "home" and the second day went to exploring, shopping and more shopping. I dragged her into my new favourite shop, "Visage". This is a makeup store that is maybe the only ones that has a large section of special effects. You can order by email there and the pricing is quite good. But it is something special with getting to see it in real life before you buy. And I was a little bit like a kid in a gigantic candy store, very exited!

We eat out on "Jensens Bøfhus", pretty much, a beef house. I had already visited them in Copenhagen and I still love their food. I ordered beef with béarnaise sauce and chips :)
The next day we spent sleeping pretty long, we didn't get out until 13:30. We shopped a bit and ended up in burger king, and later on met someone in my family that lives there for a coffee at Starbucks.

The next day, we shopped, went to a pastry shop named "Pascal", spent time looking around and we eat pasta with her dad at "Olivia".

Lemon tart from Pascal, my desert.

The last day went to travelling. We took the bus from Oslo, and quite quickly we were stuck in traffic, 1 and an half hour. When we got to Dombås, the entire mountain was closed due to weather. So our 8.5 bus trip, ended up being 13 hours. Yayy...

All in all, Oslo was fun. I will write some more about my trip, and my experience in Oslo.
Have a good night!

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