Materialism, most of us have a degree of materialism. But I read this article today when I did my hair. The journalist was writing about ethic shopping. And I was completely disgusted when I saw this sentence "I did boycott H&M first when I heard the news about the awful worker-condition, but then the summer collection came out and I could not resist the red jumpsuit and a lace jeans!".
The sad part about it, she's not the only one doing this.
I am not much better, I try to get cheapest clothes possible. But when I know the facts about horrible condition, I am "strong" enough to resist the clothes and other things.
I'm sorry but when your shopping goes this far, it is getting out of hand.

So let this be my wise words to you! If you can't afford the more expensive clothes from big designers with a good conscience, buy less clothes. Don't buy things you know is bad for the environment or for another person, please?

- Kinkx

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