Vacation to Greece and my top list right now

I was in Greece and I got home this friday.
I did not bring my computer so I was unable to blog, though I did instragram just a bit. We only had wifi in the lobby so internet wasn't my no 1 priority. But I am here now and after I've finished a drawing I will make the first look of mine in the "Seven deadly sins" series which is lust.
As I have recently found more fun in making videos rather than writing, I may not come with a post everyday, but update when my new video is up or I actually have something to write about.
If you like my blog I would be so happy if you took the time to follow me on bloglovin as it is the best way to get all of my posts without having to check my page everyday :)

So what is on the schedule for these next few days?
Drawing, working, filming, maybe meeting some friends, take some pictures (I need a new header) and redesign the blog (Though, not massively) :)

Me and my mum are changing rooms so our house is a complete mess, but when it is finished I'll vlog the result :)

So to finish of I'll have a top for summer list:

Top song: The brothel - Susanne Sundfør (It's absolutely beautiful!)

Top artist: Fancied Christina Grimmie again, particularly her acoustic songs/covers

Top film: Right now I've not watched a lot of movies so I'll just say my favorite film of all times "Corpse bride" by Tim Burton

Makeup look in summer time: I am all about lipstick lately, so usually I focus on lips. Though there have been some few times I let the eyes be the main focus.

Hair look in the summer time: My natural curls would let go in Greece, so I've switched between really big curly hair and using the blow dryer to tone them down to weaves (I might do a tutorial..)

Top makeup product: Lipstick, it's multi-usable and fits perfect for big curvy lips like mine

Top hair product: Heat protector, it is one of the only things I use on an everyday basis. Two reasons, my scalp and the fact that I am growing my hair long (Styling products clogs the scalp making the hair break and grow less)

Favorite youtuber at the moment: I watch Klairdelys and Sokolum79 a lot right now

I'm reading: After watching the lord of the rings films as a child (And shitting myself, thanks dad), I am now happy I did. But I wanted to read the books as some aspects get filtrated away when making a movie.
So I am reading "Lord of the rings".

I look forward to making the ____ video: I look forward to make the Greed video in the seven deadly sins series. And a Medusa look.
DIY Project: Right now I am looking forward to making a thigh chain and a background painting for my videos.

Do you have any favourites or tops right now on this list? Let me know!
Are you doing anything special this summer?

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