Should I start doing videos with an explanation?

Dear reader. I hope you will take time answering my question in the comment section below as it will really help me and make me really happy.

My question for this post is, should I start doing videos with myself talking in it?
I have some few makeup videos, but I never speak in them. I always text them in english.
And there is two reasons why I've been doing that.
1. I feel really uncomfortable talking English in front of a camera, I have no idea why!
2. I wanted the videos to match with my blog, so therefore speaking my mothers language is not an option.

Taken by Wenche Eek in june 2012

But I feel like it's changed, there's so many tags onto youtub I want to do and the videos would be so much better if I could say things instead of writing an short explanation.
I've been thinking about doing a lot of DIY's and new makeup videos.
But the catch is that I will be speaking Norwegian. Usually you will be able to comprehend what I'm doing even if you do not speak Norwegian yourself.

The point is, I am really insecure of what I should do and some help to decide would be lovely, so what do you think?

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