Modelling clay, mocking exams, exams and other ladida!

Right now I absolute feel like I'm writing a journal, but oh well. I hope it is still interesting!
These last days I have been obsessed with modelling clay and created a jar inspired from the tutorial on KlairedeLysdotcom, a mockingjay pin (Which I want to do again as was not as detailed and pretty when it was painted. I think I will use cobber or gold colored clay and use finishing spray instead!), a bloody white rose inspired from president Snow (If you read the whole series of hunger games you will understand) and I am right now doing an eyeball with a pink bow and a skeleton hand.

The reason why I am making a skeleton hand is because I saw a lot of easy DIY skeleton hair clip and I instantly wanted some myself. All of the youtubers bought the actual hands at Michael's during their Halloween season and just showed how they spray-painted them.  So I decided that I would make them myself and hope for the best!

The reason I have such a love for clay is because I always did it as a kid. I never knew why I stopped? But still, now it is back full time bebeh ;) !!

So this last week I haven't even been blogging or made a video. And that is how it will be for a little while, I will just pop up with some posts now and then.
I almost don't get time to do my homework because a try to go to the gym twice a week, study a lot of maths, preparing myself for the mocking exams and exams.
So I will make a post whenever I have time for it. But believe me, I already have three new makeup video ideas, two remake videos and some blog posts I am waiting to have time to write. I also have a book review if anybody is interested in reading that.
I promise the waiting and patience will pay of. And if you want to see the posts I write and not have to check daily, there is this wonderful thing called bloglovin, the link to mine is in the side bar!

-Now my mum is making me go to bed, so I can't continue writing, bye!


  1. Det hørtes moro ut med leire! :-)

    1. Ja når du faktisk klarer og lage noe som du kan bruke er det vanskelig og legge det fra seg :-)