Christmas presents, forest makeup and what I gave my mum!

As you might expect from my headline, this is a variated post. I did not get of my lazy ass yet to make the candycane makeup tutorial. But I did take a picture of the makeup I used the night before the night. Which is a christmas/forest inspired makeup.

This is my presents from 2012, and I love them! Some of them are from my favorite shop in Trondheim named Ragnaråkk. And others from other places, yes that make sense.

 This is the present I gave my mum. I know she loves her coffee, but it is so boring giving her something from the daily shop. And we have this coffee machine making it quite impossible to buy something else. So I bought her a nice bottle of flavor syrup from The Coffee and Tea shop in Trondheim. So good my lovely mum will let me taste as well and don't have to buy my own.. <3

This is the makeup I used. I used the same at Christmas eve, but I had false lashes and winged eyeliner. It looked better but I forgot photos..

BTW all norwegian readers out there, my very best friend just got a blog, go check her out : http://theironicreality.blogg.no/

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you all tomorrow!


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  1. I'll update tomorrow, one of the pictures dissapeared !