#Product review! OPI Nailpolish "Just spotted"

It's time for another review! And since I'm sick and look like a troll I wanted to review my favorite nail polish. The "Just Spotted" from OPI's spiderman collection!

This is my first and only bottle of magic from OPI and i'ts much better and more vibrant looking then my other ones!
I've always used the depend nail polishes and some other few brands here and there from vacations. My problems with those brands was that they chipped and was lasting about two days or so with base coat and topcoat. They also didn't have any "WOW!" colors and they where to small. Now I'm very picky on the colors I re-buy that's used by it self and not to make a design. So one time I was out shopping for a new nail polish since my ordinary black one was out, I looked at the OPI collection and this one caught my eye. I made a decision. Next to black, this is going to be my new nail best friend this year.

I like how it's holographic. The mixing of gold, green and blue is beautiful. And it fits best for Autumn/Winter season. You can mix the nail polish with a black silk dress, some gold jewelry and black stilettos. I promise you'r hands will stand out!

I find the price to high, for nail polishes generally. In Norway it cost about 159; NOK.
No nail polish is really worth that to me. Ever.
With bright light

Now the color feels glossy on. One coat of this I don't like, it doesn't look that good transparent, but with only two coats you'r entire nail is covered. You only need those two coats to get the same color as in the bottle, as I really like about it.
Sometimes you can see a little area that's not 100% covered about an pinhead. But you can only see this in daylight and it's only you noticing. But if you'r really nervous about such things, apply one more coat.

With twilight/darkness. 

It lasts for days.They dry quickly after applying also. And I was very busy applying this on Monday, and I wore this nail polish with the isadora second nail coat and one coat, and it didn't chip, but as I said earlier I prefer two coats, so on Thursday I applied the second coat and today I remembered top coat, so this is a really long lasting nail polish, I can sign that! 

The selection of OPI:
I love their wide selection and beautiful colors, you can get all from pearly, metallic to matte! I do like and don't like at the same time that they'r nail polish collections often are the most vibrant. For example, their support this year for breast cancer (Cheers to them) "Pink of hearts" is the most AMAZING pink nail color I've ever seen. (Before you go ahead and judge me, my contribution to the breast cancer campaign was a beautiful pink steel brooch). And it's to bad this color is only available for a shorter period (Is my guess, unless they'r keeping it of course). 
But the cutest thing about OPI's nail polishes is they'r fun and creative names. It's almost like reading little sentences.

They'r most popular shade is "I'm not really a waitress". 

 So I guess I've said it all. The reviews of the blogs will come when there get in some more signed up for it here.

-Lot's of love, Kinkx.

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