NEW IN: MAC lipstick!

I finally have a hair color that match a bit more colors than purple ish pink does, and it's time for one of my favorite lip colors to step out. Red!
I've always adored red lips, since I was a little kid I loved seeing the beautiful color on the lips.

When you use the lipstick right after the EOS lip balm it gets more translucent, glossy and brighter!
 This is how it looks, don't care about the black marks, it's leftovers I didn't remove after using it in this look.

So this autumn I bought the MAC "Russian Red" lipstick. It's a matte lipstick, it glides on so well and don't dry out the lips as much. I use the EOS Lipbalm in mint under it.

Did you buy any new beauty articles this autumn, or maybe re-bought an old favorite?